Edit 2019 Blanket Scarf Mittens {Purple Ikat II}

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This pair of our Edit Mittens is made from pieces of (1) Repurposed Shrunken (WILFRED) Blanket Scarf. Hand Stitched with Vintage Button Embellishment. * The nature of this wool is slightly thinner than our sweater mittens, and the give is slightly less: See Fit Below.

All of our Edit Mittens are:
-one-size-fits-most (unless otherwise stated) *FIT: Cut from our larger mitten pattern size, but as they don't give as much as our reg mittens, they fit somewhere just in-between reg and large.
-lined with Fleece to keep your hands warm & cosy .
-can be hand-washed in cool water and laid flat to dry: spot-cleaning is recommended.